Beanstalk enjoyed an evening at the SELNET Awards.

Updated: Feb 10

Social Enterprise Lancashire Network (SELNET) has been driving community interest companies since 2005 and represents the interests of social businesses at all levels.

We are proud to say that we were shortlisted for the Start-up Social Enterprise award.

Walking up the red carpet, enjoying a delicious meal, and of course, a little bit of live entertainment made the evening one to remember. Although we did not make it to the best of the best on this occasion, we met some amazing enterprises and listened to the projects currently thriving in the Lancashire area.

To be shortlisted among such groups was an honour and lets us know that we are achieving our ambition of supporting people and businesses for good. As a seedling at the moment, we will look after Beanstalk Business Support in the same way we do our clients. By encouraging the seed to grow and providing it with the tailored support and attention it needs, we will be sprouting out into the other potential awards next year.

It was clear that the passion and enthusiasm for helping others dominated the room. Being a part of these organisations, businesses, and companies has given us more ideas for going forward, more knowledge of the gaps in communities, and the barriers communities face when looking for a way back into work or training. With this knowledge in mind, we look forward to meeting some of those gaps and believing in a North West that is full of growth and sustainability.

Watch this space for our future endeavours.

Until then, congratulations to Natalie @TeamCANW, Tony @SESCICUK, Jessica @RenaissanceDLL, @RLCharity, Equalities and Justice Northwest, @BrewMeSunshine, @AtTheGrange, @Calico_Group, @DivineDaysUK and Growing Resilience CIC for awards well won, and everyone who were shortlisted for a Social Enterprise of the Year Award 2021!

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