Do-It-Yourself Bookkeeping

Do-it-yourself bookkeeping can be a fantastic way for business owners to really understand their finances – but it is not easy and there is a lot of accounting jargon and concepts to figure out. That is why we bookkeepers have passed a shed-load of exams and we still ask for lots of advice from fellow bookkeepers.

When a client explains that they want to do their own books, there is usually no stopping them until they have given it a go. Some become highly competent, and others don’t enjoy it at all!

To give all you budding do-it-yourselfers a good chance either way, we have pulled together some simple steps for you to follow from the start.

There is nothing more satisfying than working with a client who really understands their business, but also knows when to ask for support – we are here if you need us!

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